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Welcome to the ESID Juniors Working Party!


 The ESID Juniors WP is an interactive forum for young immunologists, clinicians and researchers.

Where are we coming from?

The idea to have a Junior working party within ESID rose during the ESID Summer School 2003 in Portugal and was then officially established in 2004 after the ESID meeting in Versailles with representation on the ESID board.

Our mission:

We promote the development of the next generation of clinicians as well as translational and basic researchers with an interest in Primary Immunodeficiencies.

The ESID Juniors WP aims to give voice to issues concerning students and young professionals in the field and through the activities of ESID Juniors WP provide an opportunity to learn and network with each other as well as with established researchers and professionals in the field.

What do we do?

We achieve our goals through networking opportunities, PIDs Summer Schools, development and testing of advanced educational resources and offering career advice.


The ESID Juniors WP aims to give voice to issues concerning students and young professionals in the field.

The ESID Juniors WP is part of the ESID board represented by the chair of the WP. We participate in the organization of the ESID Summer school, and of the ESID Congress Educational day.

In order to increase the interaction between the different countries and to appropriately cover the potentially different needs of our Juniors we recently created the “country representatives”.

In addition, we also recently increased our age limited (<40 years) recognizing that many of us are introduced to the PID field at later stages of our professional career. This will come into effect after the ESID 2018 Meeting in Lisbon.  

Networking, interaction, exchange and education are the major themes in our working party.

We have several resources already established and are always working on different projects in order to help building the ESID society we need.

Concrete examples of this are:

  • ESID Juniors group in Facebook where we exchange experiences, resources, we look for collaboration and we seek advice for our career development
  • Social events at the ESID biennial meeting such as the PID awareness run (1st edition in Barcelona 2016) or Networking Dinner
  • ESID Education Online - We are periodically screening the internet looking for the most appropriate educational resources and make them available to our members. We also create by ourselves content (e.g. educational video clips) we believe to be helpful for young physicians as well as researchers.
  • Specific Junior WP workshops at the ESID meetings aiming to provide the most interactive, innovative and instructive content in an informal manner
  • ESID Junior Talent Award (1st edition in Barcelona 2016) - This award aims to give recent ESID fellowship award winners the opportunity to showcase the most important results of their work

    ESID 2016 Junior Talent Award

(Congratulations to Alexandra Laberko, ESID 2016 Barcelona Winner)

  • ESID fellowships - We are part of the committee responsible to select the best candidates and projects. In addition, we perform surveys regarding the specific needs Juniors might have regarding the support in order to adapt our fellowship offers to our society.
  • Country representatives. Our rapidly growing WP with Juniors from countries all over the world made it necessary to create the position of the country representatives (please add a link to list with the country reps). The country representatives are a link between the local societies and the chair of the ESID WP. Many of them are also involved in concrete projects and all are encouraged to provide feedback from their local communities.

2016 Country Reps

  • Map of Centres - Are you looking for the right place to go for a fellowship? Check out our Map of Centres for the right fit

So, you can see that there are lots of projects going on and we are constantly working to improve what we have and to develop those things we might need.

You are a medical doctor, a researcher or other health care professional new in the PIDs field and under 40 years old?

Come and join our working party and become an active member of the ESID Juniors!

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Antonio Marzollo

Chair of the ESID Juniors WP