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Welcome to the PID Care in Development Working Party!

Dear friends and dear members,

In the last newsletter I made a call to establish a steering committee steering committee of national representatives for the working party PID care in development. Unfortunately, there was not as much interest as I hoped. I would like to make a new attempt.

Why do we need a steering committee of national representatives? The idea is to give a voice to the ESID members. The ESID member should be given the opportunity to influence directly a working party. The aim is to have a space to join forces, pool ideas and create better opportunities. Everywhere in the world we can encounter difficulties in the diagnostic or in the treatment of Primary Immunodeficiencies. As a scientific organization we should not hide us in an Ivory Tower. It would be too easy to do so. We must also assume our responsibility and join our forces with other structures and organizations. Only together we are strong.

The more people from different regions participate, the more weight and impact we will gain. Nowadays, you cannot trust politicians or institutions, and hope they will help us. Regrettably, the majority of politicians and institution are self-serving. It is up to every of us to make changes.

The ESID members are the foundation and are the only ones who know what is going on in daily life, what shortcomings and difficulties in everyday life are encountered in the care of PID. We can learn together from each other, irrespective of our origins.

ESID-members from all European and non-European countries are welcomed. Everybody is welcome.

If you are interested to join the steering committee of national representatives we would like to know:

·        Title

·        First and last name

·       Working address

·        Country

·        Email address, headshot/photo

Post your interest to: