Clinical Working Party


StemPAD study - recruitement closed

A study on the outcome of transplant for antibody deficiency and CVID in collaboration with EBMT Inborn Errors WP and ESID BMT and Clinical WP.

A call for WHIM patients

Dear ESID member, The syndrome of warts, hypogammaglobulinemia, infections and myelokathexis (WHIM) is a rare primary immunodeficiency associated with a marked neutropenia and lymphopenia that transmits usually as an autosomal dominant disease and ma...

BCG infection in SCID patients Interest Group

Post-vaccinal BCG infection in SCID patients/ International survey Diagnosis and treatment policies

Call for participation! NEMO study

Dear colleagues,
We would like to initiate a multi-institutional survey of the CLINICAL PHENOTYPE of NEMO-deficient patients. We would like to invite you, as a physician caring for such patients, to take part in this survey.

Call for participation! STAT3, Dock8, or Tyk2 genes

Dear ESID colleague,

We do CPA-certified STAT3 mutation detection at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

DOCK8 deficiency therapy survey

On behalf of our working group we kindly invite you to join our survey.

Online submission via the ESID Database is now open!

NEW Clinical Trial - NEMO

In order to expand IPIDnet I would like to also ask all of you who see patients with NEMO deficiency, WAS to contact me since I would like to collect a representative group of patients to determine the characteristics of their immunological phenotype.

Survey - Splenectomy in CVID

This is an initiative of EUROPADnet

Dear Colleague!
There is currently no evidence to guide decisions when splenectomy is being considered in patients with common variable immunodeficiency.

WAS Spontaneous Reversions: Questionnaire

Dear Colleagues,

We are interested in characterizing the frequency and biological effects of spontaneous reversion events primarily in patients with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, but also in other forms of primary immunodeficiency.