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ESID Board 2020-2024

ESID President
Prof. Isabelle Meyts (2018-2022)
To serve as ESID Past-President as of 2022 (after Gothenburg Meeting)

ESID President-Elect                                   
Prof. Fabio Candotti (2020-2022)
To serve as ESID President as of 2022 (after Gothenburg Meeting)

ESID Secretary 
Prof. Eleonora Gambineri (2020-2024)

ESID Treasurer
Dr. Stefano Volpi (2020-2024)

Chairperson Clinical Working Party
Prof. Siobhán Burns (2020-2024)

Chairperson Inborn Errors Working Party
Prof. Michael Albert (2020-2024)

ESID Elections 2022-2026 Working Parties Candidates

We are pleased to announce the candidates for the ESID Board positions for the 2022-2026 term! You are invited to view the candidates' applications.

You can vote now online from the 14th of September to the 14th of October 2022 at noon (12:00 CET).

Registry Working Party Chair

1. Dr. Markus Seidel

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Education Working Party Chair


1. Dr. Clara Franco Jarava

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2. Dr. Catherine O'Sullivan

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3. Dr. Ellen Renner

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Junior Working Party Chair


1. Dr. Antonio Marzollo

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2. Dr. Lisa Ott de Bruin

Lisa Ott de Bruin ESID rev


Genetics Working Party Chair


1. Prof. Dr. med. Bodo Grimbacher



PID Care in development Working Party Chair


1. Dr. Boris Karanović

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