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This section contains technical documents on the new ESID Registry; in particular, the complete Level 1 dataset with field definitions and driving questions as well as the Level 2 dataset ( unPAD study).


Documentation process

Pdf, 34.43 kB

Slides and flow charts describing the documentation process in the new ESID system
Oct 18, 2013

Flow chart describing the process of data transfer to the new ESID system, and validation of entries
April 30, 2013

Level 1 Datasets

These are the datasets for level 1 documentation which is mandatory for all patients. Corresponding questionnaires are provided that can be applied to patients and physicians to collect the necessary data items for the new ESID Registry.


Level 1 Baseline form

Pdf, 63.50 kB

Updated versions, Sep 22, 2014


Level 1 Driving Questions

These are the driving research questions underlying these datasets:



Level 2 Datasets

These are the datasets for level 2 documentation which is optional.

Currently the dataset for the UnPAD Study is available.


unPAD Level 2 Dataset

Docx, 150.16 kB

Updated version, Okt 28, 2016

Please refer to the registry studies section for further information on the unPAD study.

More level 2 datasets are in preparation and will be made available here as soon as possible.