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by Andrew Gennery

CWP report 26th June 2017

The CWP is making progress. Firstly, the steering committee have become part of the Guidelines Working Party of ERN-RITA, which will hold the Inaugural meeting of ERN-Rita at the ESID meeting in September 2017. A focussed workshop was held in June in Leiden, in conjunction with the IEWP and the iBFM to consider the problem of diagnosis and treatment of malignancies in patients with primary immunodeficiencies, and also to consider guidelines for assessing which patients presenting with malignancy should be investigated for possible immunodeficiency- a position paper is currently being written. Guidelines on diagnosis and management of CGD and of lung disease in CVID are currently underway.

The CWP has a workshop at the ESID meeting in September 2017 – come along and share your ideas.

Andy Gennery