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25 - 29 September 2013, Hersonissos, Crete

ESID Summer School took place in the wonderful Aldemar Village resort in Hersonissos, Crete, Greeece.

ESID Summer School 2013 Plenary

This autumn the ESID Summer School took place in the wonderful Aldemar Village resort in Hersonissos, Crete, Greece from September 25 to September 29, 2013. The event was again very successful with 29 participants from all over Europe and beyond and 10 faculty members attending 4 days of sessions sharing their knowledge and interest in PID and networking for their future career. The interaction was intense with each participant presenting a case during one of the sessions inducing discussions and exchange.

Some comments from the participants and faculty!

Georg Holländer, faculty

"This has been again a very stimulating and lively summer school with a great group of clinicians and scientists interested in PID - a very memorable event that was helped by the friendly and relaxed atmosphere"

Kristian Assing, Denmark

“Pros: 1) That students were forced to participate in the discussions/ prepare presentations. 2) A very broad spectrum of immune deficiencies were presented.3) There was a nice balance between clinical and paraclinical information in both students and teachers presentations.4) very dedicated and inspiring teachers. 5) beautiful surroundings. 6) very intensive which was fine (but remember to have a long brake at noon).   

Cons: 1) too little time for diving.”

Yun-fei An, China

“It was perfect .1: I learnt so many about the basic immunology and primary immunodeficiency disease.2: I met the professors who I only knew the names on papers in the past, and they gave me many helps […]3: I made so many friends, Ralph, Natacha ,Ileana, Kristian, Timi, Tania Nicole, Jose Luis and so on. 4: I got to know the advantages and disadvantages of my center and myself. If Chinese doctors would have more chances to participate to the school, it would be better. “

Veronika Kanderová, Czech Republic

“ESID Summer School was one of the best meetings I have ever attended.

I would like to thank all for a great experience! I appreciate that ESID invited both clinicians and biologists to raise well-educated persons working in the field of PIDs in the hospitals and the laboratories as well.”

Natacha Santos, Portugal

“A great learning experience with some of the best in the field of primary immunodeficiencies.”

Nesrine Radwan, Egypt

“It was a great experience from I gained and learned a lot. Getting to know all such colleagues and faculty members sharing their experience was a turning point to me in my career. However, I would recommend an evaluation for students before and after the school to asses what exactly they gained and how it made a difference to them.

Giorgia Bucciol, Italy

"Great experience for a young doctor like me, I came home excited and full of energy and ideas for my future plans. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!"

Leïla Jeddane, Morocco

“For me, it was a great experience. It was a really comprehensive overview on all topics related to PID. I learned a lot, particularly on the unexpected clinical presentations of some PIDs. Hope that with that, we won't miss out a patient!

Moreover, there was a friendly ambiance, and we had fun in this beautiful place! Thanks a lot to the organizers for their great work!”

Peter Olbrich, Spain

"Summer School was a great personal and professional experience for me! It was just incredible to meet colleagues from all over the world, sharing experiences and showing this big enthusiasm for PIDs. To learn from the “big ones” in PID is a privilege and was exciting, educative and highly motivating!"

Wesal Mohammed, Sudan

"Learning requires a congenial atmosphere. This is where ESID Summer School 2013 excels. The insightful and demanding lectures and oral presentations by participants provided strong foundational knowledge in PID. This together with the stimulating and friendly atmosphere at the Hersonissos, made my week at the Summer School very valuable indeed.” 

SS 2013 Faculty

Beate Hagl, Belgium

“The ESID summer school was a great experience. I got to know wonderful people from all over the world and learned about the different situations in their diagnostic labs and hospitals. I enjoyed talking to the faculty members and gained a more personal insight into their work.”

Myriam Lorenz, Germany

“The Summer School meeting was a good opportunity for me to get in contact with international experts in the field of primary immunodeficiency. The lessons and case reports were very interactive and instructive. It was great to discuss not only classical, but also complicated and tricky cases of PID.”

Timi Martelius, Finland

“1. the venue was practical, no time spent looking for food etc. Only the flight connections a bit difficult

2. The pre-readings is a very good idea. You get much more out of the lectures that way. Maybe 10-15 articles would be good. Collect pre readings in a "bank", maybe put on the juniors website?

3. The lectures were nicely interactive. That depends, of course, a lot on the people present.  Maybe there could be some small group exercises too?”

Jonathan Peter, South Africa

"The fact that I was more interested in participating in the ESID summer school activities than in being outside enjoy the idyllic island of Crete was testament to the quality of this training.

The faculty were superb and the atmosphere was collegiate. An invaluable experience in my development as a physician managing primary immunodeficiency patients."

Lucie Grodecká, Czech Republic

“What can we say about the summer school? It was so intense, so full of information and so nice and friendly, that I am overwhelmed by all the greatness of the experience and ... just grateful that I could participate on that beautiful event. Thank you all.”

Peter Kopac, Slovenia

“ESID Summer School was everything that I expected: great interactive lectures in relaxed atmosphere, a lot of possibilities to communicate with faculty and other members during meals, cosy evenings and even great (although short...) afternoon on the beach! I can really recommend it!”

Stefanie Henriet, the Netherlands

“This summer school was an excellent opportunity to share clinical immunological hot-topic issues with the leading people in the different fields of pediatric immunology. The only suggestion that I have is to split the case-discussions in little groups (e.g. 3) and ask the participants to bring 2-3 cases. Discussions in smaller groups will make it more interactive. But an overall rate of 9”

The Summer School remains one of the very stimulating ways to keep PID alive in Europe!

APPLY FOR THE ESID Summer School 2015 - Online applications close March 16!