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Clinical WP - Newsletter December 2018

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by Andrew Gennery

Clinical Working Party

The clinical guidelines writing is making progress – please contact me if you wish to be involved.

We are publishing these as ESID and ERN-RITA endorsed guidelines, available on the ESID website.

We have published a position paper on Malignancy in Primary Immunodeficiencies in Frontiers in Immunology which can be viewed here.

The Complement Disorders guidelines are currently being circulated to the steering committee.

Current and emerging projects:

  • Consensus statement on diagnosis and management of GLILD in CVID (Klaus Warnatz: )
  • Consensus statement on diagnosis and management of CGD (Siobhan Burns + Andy Gennery:    )
  • Vaccination of the immunocompromised (Filomeen Haerynck + Andy Gennery: [email protected]    )
  • Thymic Disorders (Aisling Flinn, Graham Davies, Andy Gennery)

Additional upcoming topics include:

Secondary Immunodeficiency

Markus Seidel is leading a project on outcome of patients with LRBA deficiency – both those who have been transplanted and those who have not – contact him if you have data you wish to include:

The Clinical Working Party Steering Committee

  • Dr. Andy Gennery – UK (Chair)
  • Dr. Stephen Jolles – UK (Secretary)
  • Professor Raffaele Badolato – Italy
  • Professor Klaus Warnatz - Germany
  • Dr. Fabian Hauck - Germany
  • Professor Anna Sediva –Czech Republic
  • Professor Carlo Agostini – Italy
  • Dr. Despina Moshous - France
  • Professor Ewa Bernatowska - Poland
  • Professor Tadej Avcin - Slovenia
  • Dr. Siobhan Burns – UK
  • Professor Pere Soler Palacin - Spain
  • Dr. Filomeen Haerynck – Belgium
  • Professor Luigi Notarangelo – (CIS representative)
  • Professor Antonio Condino – (LASID representative)
  • Mrs Jose Drabwell – (IPOPI representative)
  • Ms Carla Duff – (INGID representative)

How to participate

The clinical WP meets during the biennial ESID meetings. Any ESID member clinician can participate and propose trials to the Chair of the clinical WP to be placed on the ESID website. Additionally, we will be running stand alone focused meetings to further the aims of the CWP and ESID.