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Clinical WP - Newsletter December 2019

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by Andrew Gennery

Clinical Working Party

- ESID Guidelines are still being written!

- The complement guidelines are under final review.

- The Chronic Granulomatous Disease and the Vaccination in PID  guidelines are in progress.

- Just published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology on behalf of the Clinical Working Party is an important article "Long-term outcome of LRBA deficiency in 76 patients after various treatment modalities evaluated by the immune deficiency and dysregulation activity (IDDA) score".
Thanks to Victoria Tesch and Markus Seidel for this tremendous effort.

- Siobahn Burns at the Royal Free Hospital, London is leading on a project looking at the outcomes of patients with XIAP and Mark Ponsford (Cardiff), Austen Worth (Great Ormond Street Hospital), Raffaele Badolato (Brescia) and Andy Gennery are looking at outcomes of patients with STAT3 loss-of-function.
If you have ideas for studies - let me know!

With Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Andy Gennery
Clinical Working Party Chair