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A list of links to immunodeficiency associations and medical departments specialising in primary immunodeficiency

Greek website on Paediatric Immunology focusing on Primary Immunodeficiencies

United Kingdom Primary Immunodeficiency Network


Spanish Association for Primary Immunodeficiency

Iranian Primary Immunodeficiency Association

Ege University School of Medicine - Department of Pediatric Immunology

Middle European Society for Pediatric Immunologists (in German)
Offizielle website der Arbeitsgemeinschaft pädiatrische Immunologie (API)

French PID reference centre
Here is the link to the French National Immunodeficiency Centre CEREDIH.


Italian Primary Immunodeficiency Network IPINET
The link to this site is now available with recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of PID in both English and Italian.


Centre for Immunodeficiency, London
The Centre for Immunodeficiency is dedicated to development of improved therapies for patients with inherited disorders of the immune system through high quality science and clinical care.

The Centre for Immunodeficiency

Center for Chronic Immunodeficiency, Freiburg, Germany
(in German)

Center for Chronic Immunodeficiency

Centre for Immunodeficiencies Zurich
Zentrum für Immundefekte Zürich: Information for parents, patients and physicians

The Chest CT in Antibody Deficiency Group
The Chest CT in Antibody Deficiency Group is an international and interdisciplinary group that works together to improve pulmonary diagnostics in patients with antibody deficiency syndrome.
One of the projects of the Group is to uniformely document chest CT scans (see also ESID Registry studies section).

Competence centre for hereditary angioedema (Frankfurt)
The Centre at the Frankfurt University Hospital is one of the largest competence centres for hereditary angioedema (HAE) worldwide. It takes care of more than 600 HAE patients.
Homepage of the German HAE patient organisation: (in German only)

Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunodeficiencies Unit. Hospital
Unitat de Patologia Infecciosa i Immunodeficiències Pediàtriques
Hospital Vall d'Hebron


Catalan Association for PIDs (ACADIP)

IPID stands for “Immune phenotyping in Immunodeficiency”. IPID is an ESID (European Society for immunodeficiency) authorized internet based open accessible platform which serves scientists and clinicians in the area of phenotyping of immune cells in Immunodeficiency.
The purpose of IPID is to provide the current knowledge on the particular deregulation of the homeostasis of the immune system in specific primary immunodeficiency disorders (PID). In addition IPID will develop standardized staining protocols and provide diagnostic guidelines for phenotyping the various PIDs.