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Call for Candidates for Junior Country Representatives Term 2024-2026

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Dear ESID Juniors,   

We are pleased to invite you to actively participate in this year’s ESID Junior Country Representative elections, and in particular to consider nominating yourself for a position.  

ESID Junior Country Representatives aim to represent their country and be a liaison between the ESID Junior Working Party Chair (currently Antonio Marzollo) and all ESID Junior members in their respective countries.  

The ESID Junior Country Representatives serve as well as a bridge to all ESID Juniors to contact for anything related to PID education, job opportunities, learning activities, and much more, in your country, during 2 years (October 2024 – October 2026). You will also be able to propose novel initiatives for ESID Juniors and be part of the Juniors WP Steering Committee, which will advise the ESID board on all the activities related to Juniors. 

If you have any doubts regarding the role of Junior Country Representative, do not hesitate to contact Antonio Marzollo

For technical questions please contact   with the following subject line ‘ESID Junior Country Representative Elections’. 

How to submit your candidacy: 

  • To apply and submit your candidacy, you must have paid your 2024/2025 membership dues. If you have not yet renewed your membership, please click here.  
  • To submit your candidacy please send an email to  with the following subject line ‘ESID Junior Country Representative Elections Candidacy’. Please ensure that and ensure you have and attach all the required documentation: 
  • Short bio 
  • Motivation letter 
  • Photo (headshot) 

Deadline to submit your candidacy: 01/June/ 2024 at noon CEST 

Other important deadlines: 

  • Opening of election: 24/June/2024 at noon CEST 
  • Close of the elections: 31/July/2024 at noon CEST 
  • Announcement of the results: mid-September 

We look forward to your participation, 

ESID Secretariat