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by Esther de Vries

Dear all,

Together with Ales Janda, Marta Rizzi, Peter Olbrich and Margje Haverkamp, I have worked on the Educational Day 2014 program for Prague. This ‘Edu Day’ will be held from 9.00 to 16.00hrs on Wednesday, October 29, 2014. In the afternoon it will be followed by the opening of the ESID/INGID/IPOPI meeting.

We plan to have a morning on ‘Diagnostic approach in PID’, and an afternoon on ‘Therapeutic approach to PID’. There will be poster walks, and lunch with Summer School reunion in a separate area.

Don’t miss this wonderful event, so register for the meeting, arrive in time, and present your work in the poster session. We look forward to meeting you in Prague from October 29 to November 1!

Best Regards,

Esther de Vries
Chair Educational Working Party